Sired by the gods of sleep, nightmares and dreams, we are the children of Mist (and at times human mothers). All of us are born of the sacred, chosen bloodline.
Traditionally called the Oneroi, we are what protect the humans, Apollites, and immortals while they slumber. We are the Dream Warriors. The ones who battle the Skoti Daimons and demons who prey on the dreams and emotions of sleepers.

Dream Hunter-serien är en del av Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunter-universum

0.5 Phantom Lover (2003)
1 The Dream-Hunter (2007)
2 Upon the Midnight Clear (2007)
3 Dream Chaser (2008)
4 Dream Warrior (2009)
5 The Guardian (2011)
6 Shadow Fallen (2022)